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November 2015 | Flags Unlimited

Banners and flags

A History of Flags & Banners

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Civilizations have been using flags for thousands of years. Centuries ago, the first ones were found to be Iranian, Egyptian and Greek in origin. These were metal or wood poles carved with distinct symbols. Vexilloids (another term for flags) evolved to include a piece of coloured fabric for decoration that would become the flags we know today.

Flags were used as decorations or as symbols to send signals or messages to others, identifying which side the knights belonged to during battle, for example.

Flags were considered messages on land and sea, with ships using them to signal if the crew was infested with an infectious disease. Capturing a foe’s flag in battle was a sign of an honourable capture.

Symbolism of Flags

Everything about the design of a vexilloid is symbolic and represents many things. Even the colour of flags can be representative of something. Flags are very personal and so there is usually a story that goes into the justification of the design.

Here are some examples of colours and their potential meanings:

Red – war, courage and power
Orange  – sacrifice
Yellow – caution or gold
Green -  land, hope and youth
Black -  death (like pirates’ Jolly Roger flags) or mourning
White – truce, surrender or peace

The use of flags identifying a country wasn’t common practice until the 18th century. Each country’s flag from around the world uses design and colour to best describe the spirit of its people.

Decades ago, flags used to be made by hand-sewing pieces of fabric together and embroidering them with yarn or painting them. Today, they are typically printed on large presses. Flags Unlimited makes flags by printing on large rolls of fabric. The fabric is then washed, dried, cut, sewn and finished into flags.

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Custom Banners and Flags

Flags can be used to symbolize a special event and have evolved to include custom banners. Coming in many shapes, sizes materials and colours, custom banners are the perfect advertising, or messaging, tool to:

  • Create awareness of events
  • Feature a product or service
  • Strengthen branding in corporate messaging materials

Flags Unlimited can print and create any custom flag and offer a variety of custom banners to choose from as well. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, your custom banners will look great anywhere.

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