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Flex Frame

Illustration of the various styles of pop up flex frames available.

These Flex Frames are a handy and simple way to set up for shows and events. Simply take them out of the bag and they set themselves up! The A-Frame style display means you get two sides for graphics.



  • Flexible metal frames that “spring” into shape.

  • Two sided stand with images on both sides.

  • Black canvas and velcro wrapped metal arms hold frame in upright position.

  • Pegs are included for outdoor use.

  • Black carry bag included.


  • Printed on light weight polyester fabric.

  • Two Single Sided prints can be different graphics.

  • Black canvas sewn along all edges.



  • Light weight for getting around (2-4 kg).

  • Spring loaded frame is easy to set up.

  • Unique shapes and sizes to choose from.

Illustration of the various sizes of pop up flex frames available.

Flex Frame

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