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Canada 150 and Canada’s Flag Etiquette

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Canada 150 and Canada’s Flag Etiquette

Well it’s been a busy year for us so far! Canada 150 is being celebrated nation-wide. And lots of folks are joining in the festivities and flying the flag. Of course we support that! It’s the perfect occasion for flag flying.

Consequently, one of the most asked questions we’ve had this year is; “Can I fly the Canada 150 flag and the Canada Flag on the same pole?”

The easy answer is: No. Etiquette for the National Flag of Canada states that while in Canada, the National Flag of Canada should be flown on it’s own pole. Is it against the law to fly the flags together on the same pole? No. These are etiquette rules that are encouraged.

The other major consideration is the pole itself. Flagpoles are specifically designed to hold certain weights and winds. Before you go flying two flags from your flagpole, consider the pole and the weather where you are. A wet flag in high wind can cause lots of stress on a pole, the weight and wind stress of two flags could cause damage. Check the specifications of the pole if you can and usually there is information on the recommended flag size.

If you insist on flying two flags from the same pole, here is what we would recommend; the Canadian flag should ALWAYS fly above any other flag on the same pole. Due to the weight of two flags, take them down in bad weather. This will give your flags a longer life, and maybe save your pole and/or bracket.

If you have more than one flagpole and are unsure of the order in which to display the Canada 150 and the National Flag, just keep in mind that the Canadian flag should always be in the position of honour. If you have three flagpoles for example, the Canadian flag would fly on the centre pole. If you have two flagpoles, the Canadian flag would fly from the left pole as seen from an observers perspective. The Canada 150 flag is officially listed as an “organizational flag” and should be treated as such.

You can check out the list of do’s and don’ts for the Canadian flag at Heritage Canada’s website or you can see our version of it here on the Flags Unlimited site.

Hopefully this helps you with your flag flying questions. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from you!

Happy Canada 150!



Canada 150

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2015 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag.

2016 was Flags Unlimited’s 50th Anniversary.

As if those weren’t enough reason to celebrate, next year – 2017 will be Canada’s 150th birthday! There is going to be plenty of events and celebrations going on throughout the year to mark this incredible milestone in our Country. Obviously, us here at Flags Unlimited believe the Canada 150 flag will be an important part of those celebrations! After all, there is no better way to show support then to fly a flag.

The Government of Canada set to work to create the look for this event by creating a Nation-wide logo competition. The winner of the Canada 150 logo competition was Ariana Cuvin from Toronto, Ontario. If you would like to learn more about the logo, you can check out this link.

Personally we love this logo and it’s many colours, so Flags Unlimited has opted to offer it as a full colour, digitally printed flag. It is printed on our DuraKnitIII® fabric making it the best option for daily outdoor flying and great for keeping colours looking their brightest.

Ooo those colours though! So we couldn’t stop there. We are offering this Canada 150 logo on our DuraDoubleII line in both Feathers and Drops. Be sure to pick one up for your event!

We know you will be celebrating this National Anniversary event next year. Celebrate with Flags Unlimited, Canada’s Flagmaker®


Canada 150 Flags are here!

NEW! The Wave Banner Stand

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Check out this unique tension display system! This curved creation stands with it’s unique wave shape and height. Made from curved aluminum tubing and stretchy opaque fabric, this banner stand is sure to turn heads!

Click here for more info.


Create Custom Tradeshow Displays with Flags Unlimited

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Create Custom Tradeshow Displays with Flags Unlimited

Start the new year off right!

Promote your business to new clients the professional way at tradeshows, with eye-catching custom event banners and tradeshow displays.

We’ve got you Covered with Custom Printed Tablecloths

At Flags Unlimited, we’re more than just flags! We have the equipment available to create a variety of custom printed tablecloths for your event needs. Coming in different fabric types, sizes and colour options, you will undoubtedly find what you’re looking for.

Your custom printed tablecloth can feature a full back or open back for easy access to items stored under your table. The most popular types of tablecloths for event use are throw tablecloths, fitted or stretch tablecloths.

Custom Table Cover/Throw

The most common tablecloth are throws. They fit freely over a table, covering all sides and gives your tradeshow display a polished look. You can choose to have your throw tablecloth made with rounded corners, instead of pointed, for a sleeker look as they eliminate bunching on the floor.

Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted tablecloths are, as they say, sewn to fit snugly over a table and create a box-like look. Fitted tablecloths look more structured with seams down each of the vertical corners.


Stretching nicely over your table without the use of clips, stretch tablecloths are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The spandex-like material stretches to offer a smooth, wrinkle-free covering for your tradeshow display. Stretch tablecloths create a unique shape, too which is very eye-catching.

Here’s the Deal

From now until February 29, 2016, get your 6’ and 8’ event tablecloths at a special promotional price when purchased in quantities of 2 – 5 or 6 – 10. Contact us for details, and to take advantage of our custom printed tablecloths sale.

Banners and flags

A History of Flags & Banners

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Civilizations have been using flags for thousands of years. Centuries ago, the first ones were found to be Iranian, Egyptian and Greek in origin. These were metal or wood poles carved with distinct symbols. Vexilloids (another term for flags) evolved to include a piece of coloured fabric for decoration that would become the flags we know today.

Flags were used as decorations or as symbols to send signals or messages to others, identifying which side the knights belonged to during battle, for example.

Flags were considered messages on land and sea, with ships using them to signal if the crew was infested with an infectious disease. Capturing a foe’s flag in battle was a sign of an honourable capture.

Symbolism of Flags

Everything about the design of a vexilloid is symbolic and represents many things. Even the colour of flags can be representative of something. Flags are very personal and so there is usually a story that goes into the justification of the design.

Here are some examples of colours and their potential meanings:

Red – war, courage and power
Orange  – sacrifice
Yellow – caution or gold
Green -  land, hope and youth
Black -  death (like pirates’ Jolly Roger flags) or mourning
White – truce, surrender or peace

The use of flags identifying a country wasn’t common practice until the 18th century. Each country’s flag from around the world uses design and colour to best describe the spirit of its people.

Decades ago, flags used to be made by hand-sewing pieces of fabric together and embroidering them with yarn or painting them. Today, they are typically printed on large presses. Flags Unlimited makes flags by printing on large rolls of fabric. The fabric is then washed, dried, cut, sewn and finished into flags.

Order your flags

Custom Banners and Flags

Flags can be used to symbolize a special event and have evolved to include custom banners. Coming in many shapes, sizes materials and colours, custom banners are the perfect advertising, or messaging, tool to:

  • Create awareness of events
  • Feature a product or service
  • Strengthen branding in corporate messaging materials

Flags Unlimited can print and create any custom flag and offer a variety of custom banners to choose from as well. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, your custom banners will look great anywhere.

Learn more

NEW! Stretch Tablecloths

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Flags Unlimited is excited to add a new product to our repertoire; Stretch Tablecloths. This is kind of a funky twist on the regular tablecloth or table throw that we sell. Stretch tablecloths are made from an elastic polyester fabric and kinda looks like spandex for table.

Why do we love them?

Because the price is right! Yeah, the price is awesome, and if you order and have shipped by the end of 2015, we have special introductory pricing! Call us.

Because they are super-duper carefree! You know when you travel to a tradeshow and you show up and your suit is wrinkled? Isn’t in worse when that happens to your companies tablecloth? Have you spent time in a hotel room ironing your tablecloth? NO MORE. These stretch cloths, they stretch. No more wrinkles. Just pull the stretch tablecloth over your table and you’re done.

Because you can print whatever you want on them! Stop limiting yourself to  one or two colours or the same boring plain tablecloths as everyone else in the room. These stretch table cloths are printed in full colour. Find an image that pops, get creative. Don’t waste such a large piece of printing real estate.


What’s with all the Feather Banners?

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You’ve seen them out front of many stores, beside businesses and at events throughout the summer months; feather banners. They’re everywhere!

But maybe you didn’t realize that Feather banners are available at Flags Unlimited. In fact we have been custom printing and selling them for years! They are most commonly referred to as feather banners because of their shape. Here at Flags Unlimited we call them DuraDoubles.

Here are a few facts you should know…

1) Available as single-sided or double-sided (Dura”Double”). This hardware system is strong enough to hold a double-sided banner, meaning you can read the message properly on both sides, or you can print two totally different images for each side!

2) When you buy the DuraDouble, you actually get the hardware for three different shaped banners; feather, tear drop and rectangle. So you can change the shape to best suit what is going on in your business right now without having to purchase new hardware.

3) There are three sizes available; small, medium and large.

4) Available with a cross-base for indoor use or a ground spike for outdoor use. Or both!

So why do people love them so much?

Because they are cost effective! What other advertising can you buy for such little investment? Once you have the hardware, you can replace the banner as your message changes.

Because they are easy! When DuraDouble is being used outdoors, you can lift the banner off at the end of the day to bring it in and just set it on the base again in the morning. If you are using them for indoor trade shows, they transport and set up really easily.

Because they are visible! Think of it as moving signage. Flags move in the wind which catch people’s attention. In a landscape of static signage, the DuraDouble is constantly moving. The hardware keeps your banner from hanging limp so your advertising is constantly on display.

flags unlimited flag

Flags Unlimited Mourns The Loss of Ross Chafe

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imageJune 1, 2015

It’s with profound sadness that I inform you that Ross Chafe died on Sunday May 31st in British Columbia. Ross was cycling with other members of the Whistler British Columbia Cycling Club when they were hit by an impaired driver. Another cyclist was also killed in the incident.

As everyone knows, Ross was an impassioned leader of Flags Unlimited and has left his mark on the Company in very many ways. His energy and vitality will be sorely missed by all of us. As a Partner and Friend I will genuinely miss his advice and good nature

Many Customers, Suppliers, and others within the Flag & Banner industry will have met Ross over the last 18 years and will fondly remember his vibrant personality and “joie de vivre”!


Dennis J Brown

President & CEO

Flags Unlimited Corporation


500,000 Stick Flags! All Hands on Deck

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The call (http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2011/10/28/feds-order-500000-hand-flags-queen-elizabeth-royal-jubilee_n_1064227.html). We have been working around the clock on one of the largest stick flag orders we’ve ever processed. It’s all hands on deck to help.

If you haven’t heard, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 60th year on the throne in 2012. She and the rest of the the Royal family will be visiting various Countries throughout the upcoming year on a Royal tour to celebrate the occasion. One of the ways Canada is preparing for the visit is by having tons of stick flags printed with the official emblem. Check it out.JubileeBlogPhoto


Winter Classic 2012

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It’s that time of year again when the NHL gears up for their annual Winter Classic. And while there is a team of people hard at work making sure that there is an outdoor ice rink for the players, here at Flags Unlimited, with the great support of Flying Colors, we’re hard at work making sure that there will be lots of banners to deck out the stadium.

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