Flags Unlimited offers three different printing methods to meet the needs of our customers; Screen printing, Digital printing and Dye Sublimation. Depending on your final needs, Flags Unlimited will determine the best way to print your banner while at the same time consider your budget. Let us work with you to get your best results.

Screen Printing

Screen printing produces a good quality print that is fast and economical. It is a process best suited to large quantities. The major advantage of screen printing is the ability to get the exact spot colour you are looking for. In fact, this method can get you up to eight spot colours on most sized flags! Screen printing can also produce clean looking four-colour process images and half tones.

Digitex® Printing

This is our direct to fabric process, or digital printing method, on a machine called the Digitex®. The Digitex® allows us to print amazing, high resolution, photographic images in a full array of colour. It also allows for this to happen quickly, efficiently and in quantities from one to hundreds.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is when the image is printed on a special transfer paper. Once printed, heat is used to set the colour from the paper into the fabric. Colours are bright, vivid and sharp. This process can capture even the smallest detail.


Appliqué is as much an art form as it is a traditional away of making flags. There is not printing involved as pieces of coloured fabric are stitched together and trimmed away to reveal the design. Flags Unlimited prides itself on offering this form of flag making, a lengthy and intricate process that only few are capable of doing well.

Each printing process comes with a unique set of heat setting and washing processes. Flags Unlimited always washes flags and banners after they have been printed. This ensures that any excess dye has been removed from the item so that it won’t run or rub off on your hands. It also rinses out any starches or chemicals left in the fabric from the manufacturing process.