Signing a Canadian Flag

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

As most of you know the 2012 London Summer Olympics begins in just over a week now. Events like this facinate the world and give everyone a chance to root for their Home team.

As Canada’s Flagmaker, we always see a little boost in pride around these times. Lots of people are buying the Canadian flag. We have a great number of European flags being bought up as well. We get lots of stories from our customers letting us know what their doing to support athletes. One came to us from Commerce Court, a business complex in Toronto. They wanted to set up a big Canadian flag for all the people in the area to sign in support of our athletes. The flag would then be delivered to London in time for the Olympics.

This is not an uncommon request. Lots of custom flags that we do, often end up with signatures on them. However, when it comes to the Canadian flag, we don’t recommend signing on it. What we often suggest is an attached white boarder on which you can sign. Check out these pictures from the flag for Commerce Court. You can see more of the Cheer Flag signing on their Facebook page.

People at Commerce Court signing the fabric around the perimeter of the Canada Flag.

This was a 45”x 90” DuraKnit® Series flag and we have sewn a 12” boarder around it. Hundreds of people stopped by to sign the flag that will be sent to London with Canadian Tennis Player, Milos Raonic’ s team. It’s a fantastic way to raise support and maintain respect for the Canadian flag.

Go Canada Go!

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