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The Great Flags Unlimited Washer Toss Challenge

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

It was a long hot Summer, but we here at Flags Unlimited made the most of it with our first ever Washer Toss Challenge. Throughout the Summer we took turns in intense washer toss battles. If you shop at our store, you may have seen some of us out on the front lawn battling it out! It was a fantastic way to get everyone involved in a (sort of) friendly game.

It all came down to the final game on August 23, 2018. It was a HOT day. Subway sandwiches were brought in for everyone and a small group of spectators gathered. This was it. The last game; Colin vs Michelle. A hush fell over the crowd. In the end, Colin came through with his third win to take the title of Washer Toss Champion 2018.

This was such a fun experience and everyone really enjoyed some good ol'fashion competition!

Congratulations Colin!

Washer Toss with Flags Unlimited employees.
Washer Toss with Flags Unlimited employees.

Washer toss champions!

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