Indoor Products

Banners truly are custom products. They are made to order based on the wishes of our customers. Vertical or horizontal, grommets or sleeves, one sided or two, inside or out. Banners literally come in every shape and size. Flags Unlimited can do it all.

Backdrops create interest and catch attention. They will make you stand out in a crowd at a trade show and set you apart from the competition. They give a professional touch to a product launch or media booth. Flags Unlimited backdrops are made from DuraMatte. Their matte finish makes them perfect for photo back drops as camera flashes don’t reflect so the background image is still seen.

“Do you sell banner stands?” is a really common question here at Flags Unlimited. The answer is YES. In fact, we have many different styles of banner stands each with its own unique qualities. Check them out.

Light boxes are a unique and eye-catching way to draw attention and add that ‘WOW’ factor to a space or event.

The Lemonade Stand is an unique way to get an awesome backdrop if you’re displaying without much space. It attaches to most tables and comes in three sized backdrops. Check it out!

Whether your table is rectangular, square, circular or an odd size, we can create a product for you. All are custom tailored to fit your needs. Beyond sizes, Flags Unlimited can create fitted table clothes to your dimensions or you can create more of a draped look by making it a table throw. But start thinking beyond the table. We can produce runners which will add a pop of colour over a white table cover or hang over the top of a podium during presentations. Completely personalize your table cover with your logo or event name. Vibrant colours and stunning graphics are sure to draw attention.

NEW!! This cool banner stand features stretchy fabric over a wave shaped stand. It is double sided and totally unique. Check it out!