If you want to hang street banners around town, these street banner systems will get the job done. Our two styles of Banner Arms both come with 3-year warranties. Our Heavy Duty Banner Arms won’t rust with its stainless steel parts and advanced, spring-loaded bracket, it reduces wind pressure on the city banner and light post. Our Adjustable Banner Arms are great for constantly changing custom city banners that might not be exactly the same size every season.

A truly unique product, the Flex Sign is a pop up tent-style banner that is relatively lightweight and easy to use.


This pole system allows your banner to be fully visible at all times. RotoArm was designed and patented by Flags Unlimited. The horizontal arm rotates 360˚ around the pole reducing wind stress on the pole and preventing the banner from wrapping around it. The banner is sleeved at the side and top to go over both the vertical and horizontal poles. The Roto-Top fits all of our outdoor poles and the banner size is dependent on which pole you choose.

A custom printed tent provides more than just shade, it’s a great place to get your brand and name viewed by the crowds.

Maximize your advertising budget with the Windtracker® System. This system attaches to most light standards transforming them into the perfect visual attraction and making great use of an otherwise blank space. Banners will be on display at all times and rotate around the pole. Windtracker® was designed and patented by Flags Unlimited. It reduces wind stress on the pole and prevents the banner from wrapping around it.