Tablecloths are the easiest and fastest way to display your message. Flags Unlimited’s custom printed tablecloths come in standard 4′, 6′ and 8′ table sizes. This page shows you the standard styles of tablecloth finishing. Of course if you have an odd shaped table, we can do that too. All tablecloths can be printed in full colour with photos and logos. This is an ideal space to really bring your message home with a professional, branded look!

Table Throw

This version of a tablecloth is the most common. It is hemmed all along the edge and hangs just perfectly off the sides of the table. Just throw it over the table and you’re all set! This can also be ordered with an open back so you can get any any supplied you may store under your table while in use.

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Fitted Tablecloth

A fitted tablecloth creates a very tailored look. It is hemmed along the edges and there is a seam at all four corners. We have standard templates for 4′, 6′ and 8′ tables but you can create a fitted tablecloth for any size, height or shape of table too. We will work with you to make right. The fitted tablecloth can also be finished with an open back to make it easier to access anything you might want to store under the table.

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Stretch Tablecloth

The stretch tablecloth is the perfect solution to anyone who is setting up at booths or tradeshows frequently. Made from a great stretch polyester, you don’t need to worry about wrinkles or ironing. It just stretches over the table and has little gripping corners that fit over the table legs. The stretch tablecloth can also come with an open back for access under the table. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the elasticity, graphics can distort as the tablecloth stretches.

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Alternate Stretch Tablecloth

This is a really neat product that allows you some versatility in your look. The tablecloth is made of the same elastic polyester as the stretch tablecloth above, but comes in two pieces. This allows you to alternate which piece you would like on top.

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