Our Mission Control trade show package is the place to be. Literally. You won’t want to leave. Two attention grabbing DuraDouble IIs printed to your specifications, a custom printed tent canopy and tablecloth. The back wall of the tent is the icing on the cake though. Talk about usable space! Think of the possibilities of what you could have printed. It’s like an outdoor backdrop. It can also serve to be quite useful in the event you get rained on.

The Mission Control Package includes:

  • 10′x 10′ Tent Canopy and Frame
  • Full Single-Sided Back Wall for Tent
  • 6′ Tablecloth*
  • 2x Medium DuraDouble II** (with T-Spike for outdoors)

Upgrades are available (for example, make it an 8′ tablecloth or a double-sided tent wall) as well as some really great add ons at reduced pricing. The more you buy, the more you save!

Ready to get started? Download the Mission Control Templates. Just apply your graphics and submit them via our FTP or email. Check our Art Requirements  if you have questions on file formats.

Please contact us if you’re looking for templates for the upgraded products, or if you have any questions.

*Tablecloths come in three styles; stretch, fitted or throw. You can choose which style you want.

**DuraDouble II comes in three shapes. You can pick whatever shape you want; Feather, Drop or Rectangle.

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