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Not all artwork is created equally! To optimize your files we’ve put together recommendations for optimal printing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance or to answer any questions.

File Formats

ai. Up to and including CS6. Save as (.ai), (.eps) or (.pdf).

psd. Up to and including CS6. Save as (.psd) or (.tif) and preserve layers if possible.


Vector art should have assigned coated Pantone values and be designed within a CMYK colour space (U.S. Web Coated SWAP V2), this will assist with the predictability of the results.


For optimal printing results we recommend creating art at 100ppi, 100% of actual size.

Helpful Hints

  • Linked and embedded files must be included with your composite file.
  • Convert all text to paths in Vector art.
  • Use coated Pantone values, this will ensure more accurate colour reproduction.
  • Pantone colours should not be blended with process colour.
  • For Appliqué use vector art only.
  • Special effects such as drop shadows, overprinting or transparencies should not be used, as they could have an unexpected outcome.

Upload Your Artwork

User Name: flagsup


Here’s a link to our FTP Site.