Flex Frame

Illustration of the custom printed Flex Frame.

The Flex Frame is like a mini pop up tent. It's spring loaded frame quite literally pops the banner open. The A-Frame style mean there are two full graphic panels to use. This product does stay low to the ground so keep that in mind when considering it for uses. 

The Flex Frame comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Fencing and Stage Scrim

Example illutration of custom printed fence mesh.

Fencing can be custom printed to add colour and branding. Frequently used on constructions sites, crowd control at events or just to hide unsightly areas, custom printing panels to attach to fencing has become very popular. Usually fencing is printed on Mesh so it still allows blow through.

These large printed mesh panels are also used for flanking stages. We can work with you, your event and the stage company to find a solution that is right for you!

Light Box and Display Frame

Nothing beats the looks and feel of fabric, especially when it is tension set in a display frame or a back lit light box. We have designed these units in three main sizes but can custom size them to your needs too.

As an added bonus, with these frames switching banners is easy. Just pull the fabric away from the frame and add a new one!

Call for more details.



Custom printed tablecloth illustraton.

Promotional or custom printed tablecloths are a must have in any booth or trade show set up. We offer three styles of tablecloths for you to choose from and many options in between. Printed on beautiful matte fabrics that drape beautifully over the table or stretch fabrics for a unique look. Check out our complete line of tablecloths!



Illustration of a custom printed tent.

Custom printed tents. They speak for themselves really. If you participate in outdoor events, whether your a school, business, fundraising or a selling, a tent is a must! It protects you from the elements, establishes your brand and just looks really great.

Our tents come in three sizes and can feature full and half walls.

Trade Show Packages

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