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Windtracker. Custom printed banner for parkinglot.
Custom printed banner for Splash Canyon.


Windtracker. Custom printed banner for Park Place.

The Windtracker® System is designed to attach to existing poles like light standards. It consists of a horizontal arm and a vertical pole that attaches around the fixed pole or light standard. It's a popular style for open spaces and parking lots. Windtracker® rotates with the wind to reduce stress on the banner and prevent wrap around. A ladder truck will be required to install. It would also be needed to change the banners unless you also purchase the optional raising and lowering system. This raise and lower system means, after the initial installation, you can switch the banners from the ground as needed. A really great feature!

Available Sizes:

  • 80"

  • 10'

  • 14'


  • Raise and Lower System

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