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Commercial Flagpoles


  • Gold Anodized Finial

  • Rotating Truck

  • 2 Snap Hooks

  • Counterweight

  • Retainer Ring

  • Internal Cam Cleat

  • Silver Split Collar

  • Anchor Rods

  • Lightning Rod Kit

Sizes Available:

  • 25' (Tilting Base)

  • 30' (Tilting Base)

  • 35' (Fixed Base)

  • 40' (Fixed Base)

  • Ask about larger sizes

Two snap hooks for commercial aluminum flagpole.
Beaded retainer ring and counterweight for commecial aluminum flagpole.
Optional tilting base fo the commercial aluminum flagpole.

Aluminum Commercial Flagpoles

Commercial aluminum flagpole flying on side of waterway.

Flags Unlimited stocks a comprehensive line of aluminum commercial cone-tapered flagpoles. Our poles are manufactured using seamless tubing (Alloy 6063-T6), the best choice for aluminum flagpoles making them light weight and maintenance free. Our flagpoles are cone-tapered, meaning the base of the pole is larger than the top. This creates stability and adds a pleasing aesthetic quality. The finish on these poles is brushed satin.


Our commercial flagpoles include an Internal Halyard System with Cam Cleat that is accessed by a Locking Aluminum Door. The internal halyard system houses the raising and lowering mechanism inside the flagpole. This reduces noise and adds extra security from theft and vandalism. The cam cleat system offers ease of use and superior durability.


The Rotating Truck and Gold Ball Finial, complete the look of this line of flagpoles. The rotating truck is made from  aluminum and rotates around the pole according to the wind, preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole.


Commercial Aluminum poles include a Tilt Base on 25 and 30 foot poles and a fixed base on 35 and 40 foot poles. Both styles come pre-assembled. The base is covered by a split collar on the 25’ and 30’ poles. Bolt covers are provided for the 35’ and 40’ poles.


Professional installation of all commercial poles is recommended. Flags Unlimited does not provide the installation, however, we are able to connect you with a professional installer upon request. Lightning Rods are included.

Fiberglass Commercial Flagpoles

Commercail fiberglass flagpole flying in a park.

Our Fiberglass Flagpoles are strong and flexible with a brilliant white, maintenance-free finish. They will not discolour, corrode or rust thus eliminating the need for scrubbing, filling and painting. The durable gelcoat finish will not flake or oxidize.


Strong doesn't mean heavy. Our poles are lightweight and strong due to a unique hot molding process. They can bend with the wind without becoming creased or dented.


The Tilting Base means you can raise and lower the pole at anytime.


Internal Halyards are a standard feature for all of our Fiberglass Poles. The halyard is accessible through a Locking Door. This not only keeps your flag secure from theft and vandalism, it also eliminates the noise of the halyard hitting against the pole in the wind.


All fiberglass poles come complete with a Gold Anodized Ball Top, a Rotating Truck which prevents flag wrap around, Stainles Steel Flag Clips and a White Flash Collar to cover the base. Fiberglass poles are non- conductive meaning they will not attract lightening, therefore they do not require grounding.


Full engineers drawings and installation instructions ship with your pole. They are also available from your Sales Representative.


  • Gold Anodized Finial

  • Rotating Truck

  • 2 Clips

  • Counterweight

  • Retainer Ring

  • Internal Cam Cleat

  • Flash Collar

  • Tilting Base

  • Anchor Cage

Sizes Available:

  • 20'

  • 25'

  • 30'

  • 35'

  • 40'

  • Ask about larger sizes

Gold anodized ball/finial for commercial fiberglass flagpole.
Rotation truck for commercial fiberglass flagpole.
Clips to hold flag and counter weight for commercial fiberglass flagpole.
Retainer ring and counterweight for the commecial fiberglass flagpole.
Internal cam cleat for the commercial fiberglass flagpole.
Flash collar for the commercial fiberglass flagpole.
Anchor cage and tilting base for the commercial fiberglass flagpole.


Commercial flagpoles arrive via transport truck. Contact us today to find out how to be prepared for your install or a recommended installation company.

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