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Proudly serving North America for over 50 years!

Custom printed promotional products ideas.

Flags Unlimited Corporation has been committed to the production of flags and banners since 1966. Since then we have grown into the company we are today and now serve all over Canada and the United States. We make over one million Canada flags every year. Not only Canada flags though… flags for every and all occasions. Flags for businesses, cottages, boats, festivals, hikers, parades and teams. Flags for clubs, cars, stadiums, adventure seekers and wedding goers. Our diverse customer base means we've done just about everything.


But consider this… WE'RE MORE THAN JUST FLAGS. We're more like fabric printing specialists. Flags Unlimited offers a wide range of custom products like tents, feather banners, backdrops, fencing, stage scrim and tablecloths. We understand this stuff better than anyone. So think of us next time you have an idea. We would love to see your vision come to life.


Our most popular product. Totally customizable. Totally affordable. This is the most dynamic and useful marketing tool you can own.

Get noticed with our DDII.


Pre-set packages of quality products that will get you noticed. Whether you are starting out or just want to switch things up, there is a package for you!


What good is a flag without a pole to fly it from? Check out our line of poles for both residential and commercial use.


"WONDERFUL SERVICE!! Sherri, we can't thank you enough.

On the phone, you were so nice and understanding as well as knowledgeable. You were wonderful about follow-ups and that was really appreciated.

On top of all that, the staff in the store were great. They were friendly and helpful too.

— Linda and Jim

We are


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