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Canada's FlagmakerTM

Shop for provincial flags and territorial flags from Flags Unlimited, Canada's Flagmaker! Printed on knit polyester fabric, these flags are built to stand up to Canada's tough and diverse climate.

Northwest Territories Flag

Northwest Territories Flag

Nunavut Territories Flag

Nunavut Flag

Order of Precedence

When provincial and territorial flags are flown with the National Flag of Canada, the order is based on the date of entry into Confederation of the provinces followed by the territories. In a grouping of flags that includes the National Flag of Canada and all of the flags of the provinces and territories, the order of precedence is:

  • National Flag of Canada

  • Ontario (1867)

  • Quebec (1867)

  • Nova Scotia (1867)

  • New Brunswick (1867)

  • Manitoba (1870)

  • British Columbia (1871)

  • Prince Edward Island (1873)

  • Saskatchewan (1905)

  • Alberta (1905)

  • Newfoundland (1949)

  • Northwest Territories (1870)

  • Yukon (1898)

  • Nunavut (1999)

When displays include more than three flagpoles/masts, the National Flag of Canada should be flown on the left of the observer facing the flags, followed by the flags of the provinces and territories. An additional National Flag of Canada may be displayed at the end of the line if desired.

For information on all the order of the National Flag with provinces and territories, click here.

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