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Home Hardware RotoArm banner.
Support Our Troops RotoArm.
Storage Mart RotoArm banner with scalloped edge.
Acorn Homes RotoArm banners on lawn.


Colourful RotoArm Banners on lawn.

The RotoArm® System is a rotational top arm that keeps your flag fully visible at all times. The RotoArm® is a plug that sits in the top of the pole that braces a horizontal arm. The unit is designed to rotate 360˚ around the pole and moves with the wind direction. This system reduces stress on flags so they last longer by preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole. The RotoArm® is designed to work with a variety of our flagpoles from 8’ to 24‘ tall.

These poles look fantastic and can really make a statement in multiples. To give you an idea of size, the RotoArm® banner in this picture is 12' tall and installed on our one piece 24' flagpole. They make great visual impact.

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