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Banners and Stands

A Roll Up Banner stand. Custom print to suit your business.

Roll Up Banners and Stands

The Roll Up Banner Stand is a classic advertising tool for anyone.

Our roll-up banner is printed on polyester fabric which means the banner doesn’t crease, or warp on the edges. It looks great every time you use it. To set up the stand, first, roll out the base and insert the bar. Set up doesn’t get much easier than that! Also, when it comes to storing the banner, it rolls back into the base, for easy storage.


  • Printed on DuraMatte®.

  • Single-sided.

  • Heat cut edges.

  • Viewing area: 33.5”x78”


  • Retractable aluminum base.

  • Elasticized aluminum sectional pole.

  • Padded black canvas bag.



  • Quick and easy set-up and take down.

  • 10.5lbs with banner and bag.

  • Replacement parts available.

The Wave Banner stand. Custom print to suit your business.
Shows a rotation view of the Wave Banner Stand.

Wave Banner and Stand

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This uniquely shaped banner stand is called the Wave. The Wave is a double-sided stand and can feature different graphics on each side. Its pillow case finishing pulls snug over a tube frame and zips at the bottom pulling the banner tight and creating a soft, curvy feel. It’s a fun form and a nice break from traditional flat rectangle stands.



  • Printed on wrinkle fee 240g Elastic Polyester.

  • Double-Sided.

  • Graphics area: 36"x 93".

  • Graphics can be different on each side.


  • 35”x91.5”

  • Multi-piece aluminum tube frame.

  • Each piece is labeled for easy set up.

  • Two wide set feet for stability.



  • Lightweight.

  • Packs into a carry bag.

  • Unique curve shape.

  • Zipper sewn in bottom


  • 1 year warranty for frame.

Banner and X-Stand

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Picture of the back of the X-Stand.
The X-Stand. Custom print to suit your business.

The banner is a light weight and inexpensive solution. It is single-sided and is printed on DuraMatte®. The stand is easy to set up and comes with flexible, fibreglass poles to help display the banner prominently.

Just roll out the banner, attach the grommets to the hooks on the stand and you have a simple yet professional stand that looks fantastic. This solution comes with a slim carrying case.


  • Printed on DuraMatte®.

  • Single Sided.

  • Graphic area: 62”x 23” or 71”x 23”.

  • Reinforced brass grommets in each corner.


  • Grey flexible fibreglass poles.

  • Stands 62” tall and 23” wide.

  • Extends to 71“ tall with included extension pieces.



  • Incredibly lightweight.

  • Tension from the frame ensures banner                                                           always looks great.

  • Banners can be ordered separately.

  • Packs into a carry bag.

Diagram illusrating the two sizes of X-Stands.
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