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Banner Arms or Street Banners

Street banners for Royal Botanical Gardens done by Flags Unlimied.

Banner Arms are a popular way to dress up a city street. They can be used for wayfinding, events and even community involvement through art competitions. Typically they attach to existing light posts or hydro post and line the streets. Flags Unlimited carries two styles of Banner Arms.

1) Heavy Duty Banner Bracket (36" or 28" arm)

2) Adjustable Banner Bracket (28" arm)


Flagpoles - Commercial

Picture of a commercial flagpole.

Commercial grade flagpoles come in a tapered cone shape with internal halyard systems and locking doors. Features such as tilting bases for easy installation and lightening rods are available. All our commercial flagpoles start at 25' and go up from there.

1) Commercial Aluminum Flagpoles

2) Commercial Fiberglass Flagpoles



Flagpoles - Indoor

Pride flags waving.

Flags Unlimited offers three styles of indoor poles. Usually used as displays or backgrounds in more formal settings, indoor poles also make great statements in lobbies or boardrooms.

1) 8' Oak Pole (2 pieces, 1" and 1.25" diameter)

2) Anodized Gold Aluminum Pole (2 pieces, 1" diameter)

3) Aluminum Econo Pole (2 pieces, 1" diameter)

We offer a range of finials, bases and accessories for indoor poles and displays.

Flagpoles - Residential

A 6' Spinning pole displayed on a front porch.

These wall mounted flagpoles are a great option for residential buildings. Flags Unlimited carries two main wall mounted kits. 

1) 6' Spinning Pole Kit (2 pieces, 1" diameter. Comes with a white adjustable bracket)

2) 8' Aluminum Econo Pole Kit (2 pieces, 1" diameter. Comes with cast aluminum bracket)

Both kits come with and without Canadian flags. If you are looking to just get a bracket, check down a bit further for the brackets and accessories or shop online under Poles & Hardware.


Outdoor Bases

Outdoor Bases and Brackets


Mounting and displaying flagpoles outside can be tricky when on solid ground. Flags Unlimited has a couple of options to help you. Depending on the diameter of the pole, it either sits inside the base or slides over it like a sleeve.

  • Rock & Dock Base - like the name says, attaches to rock and docks (steel).

  • Tire Base - has a handy area for your car to drive over to give the base stability (iron).

We also have more options for mounting flagpoles to buildings. These black, heavy-duty iron brackets come in two styles; Vertical, and Angle Outrigger (45˚ from wall).



Comic book themed flags displayed on Flags Unlimited's RotoArm system.

The RotoArm® System is a rotational top arm that keeps your flag fully visible at all times. The RotoArm® is a plug that sits in the top of the pole that braces a horizontal arm. The unit is designed to rotate 360˚ around the pole and moves with the wind direction. This system reduces stress on flags so they last longer by preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole. The RotoArm® is designed to work with a variety of our flagpoles from 8’ to 24‘ tall.

These poles look fantastic and can really make a statement in multiples. To give you an idea of size, the RotoArm® banner in this picture is 12' tall and installed on our one piece 24' flagpole. They make great visual impact.



Custom banner hanging from Flags Unlimited's Windtracker system.

The Windtracker® System is very similar to the RotoArm®, but is designed to attach to existing poles like light standards. It consists of a horizontal arm and a vertical pole that attaches around the fixed pole or light standard. It's a popular style for open spaces and parking lots. Windtracker® rotates with the wind to reduce stress on the banner and prevent wrap around. Some sort of ladder truck will be required to install. It would also be needed to change the banners unless you also purchase the optional raising and lowering system. This raise and lower system means, after the initial installation, you can switch the banners from the ground as needed. A really great feature!

Pole LED


This unique lighting system contains powerful LEDs that are arranged around the pole in a circular unit. Because of the circular setting, it doesn’t matter from which angle the wind is blowing, the flag or banner is always fully illuminated.The powerful CREE LEDs create a clear and uniform light distribution. The PoleLed unit can be attached to almost every type of existing and new poles, whether they are made of wood or aluminum, or whether the pole is conical or cylindrical.


The PoleLed is made of aluminum and includes terminal connectors and a power supply.

Pole LED
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