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Flags and Custom Printing for Education Institutions

Flags Unlimited has been providing the education industry with Canada flags, provincial/territory/state flags and commercial flagpoles for over 55 years.

Flags Unlimited custom prints flags, pop-up tents, anti-bullying flags, gymnasium banners, team-spirit banners, tablecloths and supplies flagpoles to help enhance your institution. We have worked with hundreds of educational institutions from individual schools, school boards, private learning centers, universities to colleges across North America.

Going over and above, we are aware that our education-focused customers are busier than ever. With limited resources, your time is divided between managing technology projects, budgets and maintaining facilities. You might need a little help when it comes to elevating school spirit, promoting inclusiveness or ordering flags.


Flags Unlimited has implemented quick and easy solutions for our customers focused on education, by offering:


  • On-line shopping at your convenience with all of our stock products

  • Education Order Form – saving you time by including the most popular education solutions. 

Flags Unlimited wants to be a partner with you in developing solutions that maintain vivid colours, enhance your learning experiences, and fall within your budgets.


Canada's Flag Maker For Over 50 Years!

Canadian Flags

Flags Unlimited offers a wide selection of Canada flags and accessories from hand waivers, to classroom brackets and staffs to those you fly on a commercial pole. Learn More

Canada White 1.jpg
Provincial Flags

Did you know that flag etiquette states that you can have two flags flying on the same pole as long as the Canadian Flag is placed at the top? Learn More

Flag Poles

Available in both fiberglass and aluminum options in a wide variety of sizes to proudly display flags at your facility. Learn More

Flag Bundles

When one just isn’t enough. Learn More

Popular Flags
Includes Pride, Transgender, and Anti-Bully Flags to promote inclusiveness at your schools. Learn More
Trans Flag.jpg
Bully Flag.jpg

Top Products that our Education Customers are Purchasing: 

How can we help?  How can we make things easier for you?  We welcome this feedback and would love to hear from you!

Additional Services Flags Unlimited Offers


Don’t have a graphic designer on your staff?  No problem. Flags Unlimited can provide custom design services for all types of applications.


Have a flagpole or some banner brackets to install?  Not to worry, Flags Unlimited can help with installation and removal within the GTA.

For areas outside of the GTA a locally sourced sub-contractor will be required.


Have old signage products you need to get rid of or repair? Flags Unlimited can repair a variety of products, offer guidance on recycling, or even recycle it for you.



We're here to help!

Contact Flags Unlimited for premium services at

great rates and

competitive product pricing.


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