Residential Flagpoles

Flagpoles - In Ground

Ground installed residential flagpoles range from 8' to 24' tall. Flags Unlimited carries four distinct styles of residential flagpoles intended for ground installation.

  1. 8' and 10' Aluminum Pole (1 piece, 1.5" diameter)

  2. 20' Aluminum Sectional Pole* (5 pieces, 2" diameter, 18' installed)

  3. 24' Aluminum Pole** (1 piece, 2.375" diameter, 24' installed)

  4. 24" Aluminum Sectional Pole (3 pieces, 2.375" diameter, 24' installed)

*Boxed kit great for gift giving.

**Requires transport to ship due to length. Not available online.

Each pole comes with varying accessories and optional extras. Talk with a Sales Representative to find out which one is right for you. You can also shop for all these poles (except #3), online.

Flagpoles - Wall Mount

These wall mounted flagpoles are a great option for residential buildings. Flags Unlimited carries two main wall mounted kits. 

1) 6' Spinning Pole Kit (2 pieces, 1" diameter. Comes with a white adjustable bracket)

2) 8' Aluminum Econo Pole Kit (2 pieces, 1" diameter. Comes with cast aluminum bracket)

Both kits come with and without Canadian flags. If you are looking to just get a bracket, check down a bit further for the brackets and accessories or shop online under Poles & Hardware.

Flagpoles - Telescopic

All the headaches associated with replacing the rope, fixing the pulley, or adding an ornament to the top of the flagpole are eliminated with a telescopic flagpole!


• Gold ball topper, ground sleeve (ABS plastic), and easy to follow installation instructions.

• Maintenance free, high strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes.

• Patented interlocking sleeve mechanism makes it easy to extend and retract the pole, and provide extreme joint stability.

• Swivel ring clips allow flags to fly freely 360 degrees around the pole, reducing flag wrapping or tangling. Pole comes preassembled and ready to extend.

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