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We know that a flag can be more than just a flag. They are the representation of pride, honour, commitment and achievement. A symbol of what you stand for, believe in and are inspired by. Flags Unlimited has been making flags for over 50 years and understands the connection people have to this timeless product. 

For this reason, we are proud to launch “Flags 4 Cause”. A program designed to help you raise awareness and money for your cause. 

what's in it for you?

Flags Unlimited wants to help you spread awareness across this great country! We also want to give back to those who are trying to do good. We believe this program will deliver back to you in three ways; raising awareness of your cause, raising awareness of your brand and raising money. By taking part in the Flags 4 Cause program, 10% of the sales of your flag(s) will go right back to your cause. There is no cost to get started, just fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and send in your artwork.

our part

Once your flag is designed (we can help with that too), Flags Unlimited will list your Flags 4 Cause flag in our online store; We will process the orders, make the product and ship to your customers when purchased. Links will be provided back to your website as well.


Each time a new flag is added we will blast our followers to let them know through our social media channels. 

Each quarter, Flags Unlimited will issue you a rebate cheque for 10% of the sales of your flag. See application for more details.

Your part

Fill in the application form. Once it's approved and your flag is designed, you can start spreading the word! Let your audience know that you have flag(s) available for purchase online and that 10% of each sale goes right back to your cause. 

Add a link to your website and/or share the link to your Flags 4 Cause flag in your email blasts or social media. You benefit with each sale.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #morethanjustaflag.

This Humbolt Strong Flag is available in our online store with a portion of the proceeds going directly back to the SJHL.



Through your efforts and ours, we will build awareness and give back to your cause. 

Get started today by downloading our Application Form below. It has all the details on our Flags 4 Cause program. We can't wait to see you raise your flag!

contact us

For more information, or to speak with someone directly regarding your application, please contact:

Genevieve Selk, Sales Manager

1-800-565-4100 x222

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