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Covid19 - Solutions for the Future

During these trying times it is important that your employees or your customers have the information they need in an effective manner. We have created a catalogue of potential ideas, whether you need to describe proper hygiene or let everyone know you are still open, we believe we have the products to help you.



Our Adjustable Backdrop can be used as an information station for customers or employees on proper hygiene. If you have employees working from home with a less than optimal setting, backdrops can be used to improve the video call background.

Flags Unlimited offers two styles of backdrops:

  • Adjustable

  • Pop-Up

Banner Stands


Each of our banner stands has different features and range in price points... there is something for everyone. The wave stand is double-sided and totally unique, the roll up is a standard "go-to" banner stand and the x-stand is inexpensive and light-weight. Don't see what you're looking for? Call us.

Flags Unlimited offers three style of banner stands:

  • Roll-Up

  • Wave

  • X-Stand


Clik-Clik Indoor Hanging System


Clik-ClikTM is a fast and easy way to hang indoor signage. Using the Clik-ClikTM magnets you can easily hang fabric banners from your ceiling without the expense or safety concerns of a scissor lift or ladder. Hanging banners has never been easier or safer. 

DuraDouble II Feather Flags

You pick the size and shape of the banner. We also carry three base options depending on whether your banners will be displayed inside or outdoors. All DuraDouble II banner hardware comes with a silver fibreglass pole and black canvas carry bag.

Flags Unlimited offers four styles of banners:

  • Sail

  • Rectangle

  • Feather

  • Drop

We Salute Flags

Flags Unlimited has created three special flags and a Garden Flag to help support Covid-19 relief efforts in Canada. The three "We Salute" flags will have $25 of the $55 purchase price donated towards while the Garden Flag will have $15 donated.

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