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Car Window Flags

Custom printed car window flag.

Custom car window flags can make great promotional products. Think about customizing these for you next event or to cheer on your favorite local team. We've seen them done for car lots, soccer teams, even fleets or family road trips!

Flag Size: 12" x 18"

Fabric: DuraKnit III®

Hardware: 21.5" white plastic staff that clips to your car window

Custom Flags

Custom Flags

Custom printed flag.

You can have just about anything put on a flag. Custom flags are what we do! Send your artwork in and we will take care of the rest. It's really that simple! Of course there will be some questions on finishing and size (here is a really great page to help you with that if you want), but the possibilities are endless.

The most common sized custom flags are 27"x54", 36"x60" 36"x72" and 45"x90". We can do any size you are looking for though. We can also print as many as you want. Just one? No problem. Thousands? No problem...

...we are Flags Unlimited... just saying.

Order your Custom Flags Today!

FANtastic Flag

Custom printed cape flag.

FANtastic Flags are like a cape and flag rolled into one. A great novelty item for events, festivals and teams. Lots of people will use a flag as a cape, this just makes it easier for them. FANtastic flags allow for your hands to be free to dance, cheer, parade, and all that fun stuff! You get the same graphic space as a flag, but with the added benefit of sewn in sleeves! There is also a little thumb loop to keep the flag in place.

Banner Size: Adult (36"x60") and Child (24"x36")

Fabric: DuraKnit III®

Finishing: Hemmed all around with sleeves and an elastic thumb loop.

FANtastic Flags
Golf Flags

Golf Flags

Custom printed golf flags.

Custom Golf Flags can set the tone for a course. These flags attach to a tube that then attaches to the pole for the hole (poles are not included). While lots of country clubs and golf courses can custom make flags, we also see lots of golf tournaments that have a series of these flags made up to show off sponsors and advertise their cause. It can really bring the look and feel of a tournament together to have custom golf flags made!

Flag Size: 14" x 20"

Fabric: DuraKnit III®

Hardware: 14" white plastic tube



Custom printed pennents.

Pennants are one of those really custom products - similar to a custom flag. There are really not limits as to size, shape and finishing. The best thing you can do is to have an idea in mind and call us to help you find the best fabric and finishing.

Pennant Size: Made to Order

Fabric: Recommended on DuraMatte® or DuraLux®

Finishing: Recommended hemmed or heat cut

Optional Extras: Tassels, weights, cords, finials

Often pennants like this come with a top sleeve for a pole or dowel. Flags Unlimited is happy to supply that as well if you need.

Stick Flags

Stick Flags

Custom printed stick flags.

Stick flags, or handwavers, make great giveaways and promotional pieces. They can be printed on one side or both sides. Great for local events, concerts, parades and celebrations.

Flag Size: 3"x6" or 4"x6"

Material: Paper or Tiger Paper

Hardware: 9" White rolled paper stick 


Street Banners

Custom printed Street Banners.

Street banners are an easy way to add character and charm to any city street. They can be used for wayfinding, event notices, community awareness and art competitions. Design your own, let Flags Unlimited help with the design, or choose from any of our existing designs and have your name/logo added. We can supply you with the Banner Arms and Brackets too! Check them out!

Flag Size: Made to Order

Material: DuraKnit III®  and NEW Double-Sided Blockout Vinyl Mesh.

Finishing: Single Face Reverse or Double-Sided

Design your own street banners!

Street Banners
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