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Outdoor Bases and Brackets

Outdoor Bases

Flagpole bases offered by Flags Unlimited.

Displaying flagpoles outside can be tricky when on solid ground. Flags Unlimited has a couple of options to help you. Depending on the diameter of the pole, it either sits inside the base or slides over it like a sleeve.


Rock & Dock Base

Like the name says, this vertical base attaches to rock and docks. It is made from steel and fits 1.5", 2" or 2.375" diameter poles. Depending on the size, the pole either slides over or fits inside the sleeve.

Tire Base

The tire base comes in two pieces. The flat area is for your car to drive over to give the base stability. Once the car is in position, the vertical piece screws into place. This base is made from steel and fits up to a 1.5" diameter pole.

Roof Base

This wide spread iron crossbase allows you to display your pole on flat ground that you can't permanently affix the base too. Usually patio stones are set on the base for stability. This fits up to a 1.5" diameter pole.

Outdoor Brackets - Heavy Duty

Heavy duty flagpole wall brackets from Flags Unlimited.

These heavy duty wall mounted brackets are for 1.5" diameter poles (typically larger than your average residential pole). They are black, heavy-duty iron brackets that will mount to any vertical surface.

Vertical Bracket

Holds flagpole straight up and down with the wall.


Angle Outrigger

Holds flagpole at a 45˚ angle from wall.



Holds flagpole at various angles ranging from straight up and down to 90˚ out from the wall.

NOTE: screws/bolts are not included with these brackets.

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