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Canada's FlagmakerTM

We stock all our Canadian flags in many sizes; desk flags, small boat flags, medium flags for residential use, large flags for commercial flagpoles and giant flags for events or giant flagpoles! Check our list below to find the right Canada Flag for you.

Questions on fabric or finishing? Check out this page

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DuraKnit® Series Canadian Flags

Canada Flag from Flags Unlimited

Made from DuraKnit III®, our DuraKnit Canadian Flag Series is our most popular Canada flag. Knitted polyester provides optimal durability at an economical price. This is the same flag fabric that we recommend for our custom flags as well. These Canadian flags are screen printed making the colour vibrant both front and back. All the DuraKnit Series flag are finished with a white canvas header and two brass grommets or rope and toggle.

  • Best seller.

  • Ideal for daily flying.

  • Knit fabric won't fray.

  • Screen printed on knit polyester.

Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection Canadian Flags

Candian flag from Flags Unlimited Canadian Heritage Collection

Canadian flags in our Heritage collection are only available in two sizes: 27" x 54" and 36" x 72". This collection is a personal favourite amongst many as the spun polyester and deep red ink gives these flags a true feeling of history and patriotism. The material is meant for daily outdoor use and is ideal for windy locations (i.e. waterfronts). It comes packaged in a beautiful gift box which makes it a great gift or keepsake as well.

  • Excellent for windy locations.

  • Ideal for daily flying.

  • Packaged in gift box.

  • Screen printed on spun polyester.

Appliqué Series

Appliqué Series Canadian Flags

Close up view of an applique Canadian flag.

Appliqué is a sewing technique that goes way back. These Canadian flags are made with a great deal of care and attention as they are sewn together instead of printed. Flags Unlimited's Appliqué Series is made from vat dyed nylon. Then, using templates and skill, the fabric is stitched together to make the flag design.

While some folks prefer to fly these gems daily because of their superior fade resistance, others prefer them for presentation or ceremonial flags.

A wide variety of sizes are available.

  • Excellent presentation flag.

  • Hand sewn and cut nylon.

  • Superior fade resistance.

  • Double stitched fly end.

Giant Flags

Giant Appliqué Series Canadian Flags

A giant Canadian applique flag flying from pole.

These are some BIG Canadian flags.

The wind stress put on big flags means the fabric they are made from has to be extra heavy duty. Flags Unlimited was the first to use Texcel Bunting on flags this size and we continue to make them this way today. Texcel Bunting is a heavy duty woven polyester that gets it's strength from the fabric combined with it's manufacturing process.

Just like the Appliqué Series above, these Canadian flag are hand cut and sewn utilized the best craftsmanship.

Where applicable, these flags are finished with D-Rings and banner clips on the header.

Sizes start at 90" x 180" and go up from there.

  • Good for daily flying.

  • Hand sewn and cut.

  • Vat dyed Texcel Bunting.

  • Flag can be repaired if needed.

Caring for Your Canadian Flag


If flying your flag outdoors, make sure it has been designed for outdoor use.

To get the maximum life out of your flag, don't expose it to freezing rain, heavy snow or abnormally high winds. We recommend bringing your flag inside during extreme weather.

Our Canadian flags are made from durable materials that help to prolong it's life, but nothing will prevent it from eventually becoming worn and tattered. While caring for your flag is important to make it last, you should plan to replace your flag every 3 to 6 months.

The flag etiquette indicated here applies to the Canadian Flag while it is being flown in Canada. 

For more information on etiquette for the National Flag of Canada, please go to the Heritage Canada WebsiteHalf Mast notifications in Canada, can be found here.

For information on disposal of the Canadian Flag, please click here.


Interested in learning more on the history of our current Canadian Flag? You should check out this website, The Canadian Flag Education Centre.

Canadian Flag Etiquette

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