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Vendor Terms and Conditions

Acceptance to fulfill this Purchase Order constitutes your agreement to meet the "EXPECTED ARRIVAL" date listed on this PO. Failure to meet said date without prior appropriate written notification will result in an automatic 10% discount off the net invoice amount pertaining to this PO#. 

Over/Under runs are not accepted. If an over/under run occurrence is inevitable. an approval request must be sent via e-mail to the attention of the Purchaser prior to the order being shipped. Approval request must detail original quantity ordered. quantity to be shipped and percentage over/under from quantity requested. Only upon approval from the purchaser may a quantity different than what was requested on the PO be shipped to Flags Unlimited. Purchaser reserves the right to accept partial or whole over/under run. 

An order confirmation must be sent via fax or email for every order received. including revised POs. This order confirmation must clearly identify the following: Price per Unit, Unit of Measure. Expected Ship Date & Shipping Method.

Where price and/or quantity discrepancies exist between this Purchase Order, the order confirmation or any invoice submitted by the vendor in relation to this Purchase Order, Flags Unlimited reserves the right to pay the Vendor at the lowest unit price or extended price specified on either the Purchase Order, order confirmation or resultant invoice."

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