2013 Dominion Tankard

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

It’s cold outside and it’s only going to get colder as we brace ourselves for another Winter storm. So what do Canadians do when the weather gets nasty? We say “Bring it on!” After all ‘tis the season for skiing, snowboarding, skating, sledding, hockey and of course, curling.

Event banners that Flags Unlimited designed and produced for the 2013 Dominion Tankard.

It was exciting news when the Dominion Tankard decided to make the Barrie Molson Center its location for 2013. What a great event to be hosted so close to where we, at Flags Unlimited, call home. We were even more excited to find out that we would get the opportunity to work with the 2013 Tankard committee on creating some interior banners for them. After an initial meeting, we agreed upon where they would like to see banners put up throughout the event and then moved into creating artwork. Once all the art was finalized, these beautiful banners were all printed on DuraMatte, a fantasitc interior fabric. It lays flat, doesn’t let the light through or reflect it back (like vinyl or paper).

The 2013 Dominion Tankard is on now until Sunday. So get your tickets and go check out one of Canada’s great past times. And while your there, check out our work! www.thedominiontankard2013.ca

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