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Salute Healthcare & Front Line workers in Canada with “We Salute You” Flags

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Like so many Canadians, we at Flags Unlimited want to support those putting their lives at risk on a daily basis in the fight against this devastating virus. As such, we have produced a few different “We Salute Flags”. These special flags are available for purchase now, online for $55 CDN. Twenty-five dollars ($25) of each flag purchased will be donated to

We hope you will waive these flags proudly in an endless salute to all the Canadian frontline and healthcare workers.

Three flag options by Flags Unlimited to Salute Healthcare and Frontline Workers

Our world has been flipped upside down the past couple of weeks, and we’ve been shown how everything can change in an instant. At Flags Unlimited we are grateful that, for the time being, we have been allowed to remain open. We are doing everything we can to avoid laying off our staff and ensuring our large facility in Barrie, Ontario is a safe place to work for those unable to work remotely. We’ve been busy making custom print banners for our business clients to inform customers about updated hours, phone numbers to call, changes in business practices and more.

Mask and Gown Production

Additionally, as Canada’s largest flag maker we have a sizeable sewing team always working to craft Canadian flags. We have spent the last couple of weeks researching how we could convert part of our facility and sewing network as possible to aid in the production of masks and medical gowns.

25% Donation From Every Canadian Flags Purchase

As Canada’s predominant flag maker, we feel a unique sense of responsibility to bring the country together in solidarity and nothing speaks to patriotism and unity like a flag. In another effort to support those who need it, until April 30th Flags Unlimited will also be donating 25% of any Canada Flags purchased online using the Covid19 code to

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