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Flags Unlimited Plaque at RVH in Barrie

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Flags Unlimited at RVH Cardiac Care Centre.

Flags Unlimited donated $10,000 to the RVH Foundation's Hearts and Minds Campaign this year. In recognition of this incredible donation, a plaque has been placed with our name on it in the Cardiac Care Unit. This donation has gone – and will go – a long way.

A couple of us had the opportunity to go see our plaque and have a mini tour of the new Cath Lab that opened in December 2017 – just one of the many examples of how donations get used. Over 500 patients have received diagnostics from the new Cath Lab since it opened in December and angioplasty will begin in the coming months. There is also space and plans for another Cath Lab in the future. It is state of the art equipment and the first one like it in Canada. This an incredible milestone for the region as anyone needing this sort of diagnoses and/or treatment currently needs to go to Southlake Regional Hospital in Newmarket.

I am proud to see our name on that wall and hope all of you are too! What a great opportunity to know that Flags Unlimited has had such a positive impact on the community that we all call home.

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